Finca 49

Restaurant and bar

A delicious fusion of Spanish, Mexican, Cuban and more

Fresh and vibrant - Food, Music and Cocktails

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Finca 49 is located just outside the old town of Pollensa in the north of Mallorca; a charming centuries old farmhouse with lots of outside seating, set in lovely gardens with a wonderful swimming pool for summer days (and nights)


is it really spicy?

No - dont worry there's something for all tastes here -  from a chicken mayo baguette or the ultimate burger to spicy fresh mexican tacos, chargrilled steaks and lobster thermidor  .........

.......of course we always have a range of mouthwatering spicy salsas on hand for genuine chili-heads!


We love Spanish and Mallorquin food but just how many roast shoulders of lamb can a person eat? Here at Finca 49 we take the freshest and finest local ingredients and just perk them up a bit!

Why just spread sobrasada sausage on bread.... when you can heat it through with black beans and feta cheese, add salads, chipotle mayo and pickled onions, wrap it in a fresh corn tortilla and finish it off with fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime?

We make our own salsas, caesar dressing, jalapeno jelly, and coleslaw, we ferment our own sauerkraut, smoke our own fish and produce fresh corn tortillas every day.


We never use frozen guacamole or canned cheese sauce - for us it is all about giving you the freshest, tastiest food we can....

We're serious about our handmade desserts too !

whether it's Ellie's famous lemon meringue pie, our raw vegan avocado cacao mousse or the caramelised bananas with rum butter sauce - you can be sure that you will never eat a mass produced dessert here!

We can tell the difference and we think that you will too!

Join us for a meal or at out "cookery school" and see for yourself...



welcome to finca 49.

           Finca 49 is a family run business so you can be sure that we really care

Steve and Clare opened their first Mexican restaurant "El-Dorado" in Newcastle England back in 1987 followed a few years later by the legendary Cafe Sol tapas bar.

Having gained her patisserie qualifications daughter Ellie joined the team in the pastry section and son Louie is trying hard not to get roped in to dishwashing.

Put simply - Our passion is to ensure that you have a fantastic time, enjoying delicious food in beautiful surroundings

buen approveche!



We are very lucky in Mallorca to have wonderful produce at our disposal - famous local products - almonds, olive oil, sobrasada and suckling pig, superb seafood and the freshest fruits and vegetables to be found

In addition we harvest from our finca where we currently have lemons, oranges, almonds, carobs, grapes, prickly pear, and of course fresh herbs - This year we are planting limes, avocados, artichokes, salads and of surprise surprise a wide variety of chillies!